3 Health Benefits of Taking Fiber Supplements

When we were young, our parents often scolded us for refusing to eat vegetables. Children often do not understand why they have to eat vegetables, believing that eating vegetables are unnecessary. However, there is a reason why parents make their children consume vegetables. It is mainly because fiber is found in vegetables, and it is known for improving health condition.


1. Helps You Lose Weight

When you consume foods that contain fiber, fiber slows digestion and nutrient absorption from the intestine and stomach. By slowing digestion, fiber reduces your appetite and keep you from overeating. Therefore, taking sufficient amount of fiber lessens calorie intake; soluble fibers usually show greater effects than other types of fibers, helping you lose more weight.  


2. Lowers the Blood Sugar Level

One may have a high level of blood sugar if one has a habit of frequently eating high-carb food, especially the refined carb food. Glycemic index is a value assigned to foods based on how slowly or how quickly those foods increase blood glucose levels. High-fiber foods have lower glycemic index than high-carb food. That is, high-fiber foods increase blood glucose level slower than low-fiber foods. Thus, if one frequently consumes high-fiber foods, then it will help one lower the blood sugar level.


3. Reduces the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one type of cancer that is one of the leading causes of death. Scientists believe that fiber decreases the risk of colorectal cancer because fiber has an ability to maintain the colon wall healthy. They supported their argument with an example of the African tribes who live in a rural area. These tribes had high-fiber diet, and the researchers have discovered that these tribes have low percentage of people who die from cancer. Therefore, some researchers state that cancer is linked to the high-fiber diet.


What are the high-fiber foods?

Here are the high-fiber foods: almonds, black beans, pear, broccoli. Consuming foods that are high in fiber is highly recommended.


If you don’t consume the above-mentioned foods often, taking fiber supplements is highly recommended. Are you not sure how often you should take fiber supplements? Vitamins3 not only provides fiber supplements but also the best daily vitamin combinations personalized just for you. By carefully engineering the combination, you will always be taking vitamin intakes that will keep an ideal level of fiber supplements and other vitamins as well.

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