4 Health Benefits of Taking Cranberry Supplements

Berries are known to provide people with vitamins. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend people to eat berries to improve their health. Because of the nutritionists’ recommendation, some people go to grocery stores to buy some berries. However, at the store, we face unexpected difficulty; we do not know which berries to buy because we are exposed to a variety of berries, making us difficult to choose. All berries are great fruits for getting vitamins. They will provide your body with vitamins no matter which one you select. But, among them, I will choose cranberries to put in my cart at the grocery. Compared to other ones, cranberries have various health benefits.


1. Prevent Heart Disease

To begin with, there are two types of cholesterol: LDL and HDL. LDL, which stands for low-density lipoproteins, is considered “bad” cholesterol because a high LDL level causes a buildup of cholesterol in your arteries, which can eventually cause heart disease. HDL, which stands for high-density lipoproteins, is considered “good” cholesterol because it helps your body remove the “bad” cholesterol from your body, thereby decreasing the chance of getting heart disease.

Flavonoid, which is contained in cranberries, raises HDL level, decreases the chance of getting heart disease. According to a study presented at Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2004, team led by Guillaume Ruel discovered that the participants’ HDL level increased by 7.6% when they drank cranberry-juice every day. This shows that taking cranberry supplements or eating cranberries can prevent heart disease.  


2. Inhibits Cancerous Cell Growth & Premature Aging

Secondly, cranberry supplements inhibit the growth of cancerous cell and premature aging. Cranberries are antioxidants, which prevent free-radicals from stealing electrons from normal cells. Free-radicals damage cells and DNA through oxidation, causing cancer and premature aging. Some experiments authenticated that compounds in cranberries slow the growth of tumors and cancers. Surprisingly, cranberries have more antioxidants than any other fruits. Furthermore, some compounds in cranberries are more capable of fighting radicals than vitamin E, known as a core natural antioxidant. Dried and powdery cranberries are the ingredients of the cranberry pills. Cranberry pills or cranberry supplements usually contain more antioxidants than cranberries or products made by cranberries like cranberry juice.


3. Helps Urinary System to Function Properly

Cranberry supplements help urinary system to function properly. A compound called proanthocyanidins hampers E. coli bacteria from sticking to the lining of urethra and bladder, disabling bacteria to multiply and cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). Especially for women, a daily intake of cranberry pills with 36 mg of proanthocyanidins can diminish the number of UTIs occurrence.


4. Enhances Digestive Health

Cranberry supplements contain a high concentration of fiber, which relieves constipation. Furthermore, cranberries are anti-inflammatory, lowering the risk of inflammation occurrence in the large intestine and stomach lining. Cranberry supplements alleviate symptoms such as heartburn, acid reflux, trapped wind, and bloating.


Why Should You Consider Taking Cranberry Supplements?

Though I sometimes eat cranberries, I prefer cranberry supplements over cranberries and products made by cranberries like cranberry juice. One serving of cranberry pill is same as 8-ounce of pure cranberry juice. Since cranberry juice is sugary and high in calories, I prefer to take cranberry supplements instead of cranberry juice.

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