4 Health Benefits of Taking Iron

Iron is a metal; a metal that you can actually ‘see’ every day when you look at pipes, elevators or even airplanes. Iron seems to be a metal that human uses the most and people have been accustomed to the image of iron that melts at over 1500 Celsius and then cools down to form a cold, gray solid. However, iron exists in other structures as well. It exists in ‘minerals’ in our body. It may be hard to imagine iron being in our digestive systems and you are definitely not familiar with the concept of ‘consuming’ iron. But we eat it quite often and it is essential to our lives.

1. Curing Anemia

One of the benefits of consuming iron is that it cures anemia. Anemia hampers the production of red blood cells, causing serious health problems, such as organ failure. Especially, for pregnant woman, anemia has negative impacts on growth of the fetus. Moreover, children commonly suffer from anemia; this can be treated with a nutritious diet, including iron.

2. Facilitating Metabolism

Iron facilitate the whole function of metabolism. Metabolism synthesizes energy from food and spreads it to every part of the body. This process demands iron and this component assists metabolism to work faster; metabolism helps people to lose their weight and to regulate their body temperature.

3. Improving the Immune System

Iron protects our immune system. There has to be a sufficient amount of iron in the blood to treat various diseases. Iron actually fights with elements that trigger the ailments and contributes to red blood cells, hemoglobin, to grow. Red blood cells fix the destroyed tissues and carry oxygen to immune systems. Lack of iron in our body will have detrimental effects on our immunity.

4. Improving the Cognitive Function

This nutrient develops your cognitive function as well. Brain utilizes 20% of the oxygen from the whole blood. Oxygen helps the blood to flow into brain and paves neural ways for alleviating cognitive problems, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
Many people lack iron in their bodies. As iron is needed to function our metabolism and immune system properly, improve our cognition, and cure diseases, people should look for ways to consume iron. One way is to have iron supplements, thereby maintaining your health.
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