5 Foods That Help Curb Hunger And Cravings

While experts suggest the best way to keep healthy and fit and keep your body nutritionally balanced is by eating several small meals per day. But, of course, what you choose plays a large part in how you look and how you feel. While many of us "should" be noshing every few hours, how often we crave and what we crave may depend on what we're indulging in. Experts assert that when it comes to curbing hunger and cravings, the key lies not in NOT eating but in selecting foods. Choose the foods that fill you up but that don’t add fat or calories to your diet or waistline.


1. "Liquid Lunches"

Broths and filtered fresh drinking water help keep appetite at bay. In fact, according to experts, thirst is often mistaken for hunger. They suggest drinking an 8-ounce glass of water at the first sign of hunger and waiting a few minutes before deciding to eat. If you’re not partial to water, they suggest eating an organic vegetable or chicken broth and heat it at a quart at a time.


2. Field Of Greens

Dark leafy greens and vegetables have lots of nutrients but very few calories and can fill you up quickly and easily. If you prefer them with a little seasoning, consider using low-calorie salad dressings or stir-fry veggies in water. For more flavor, you may even want to add a few onions, a little garlic, and some low-sodium soy sauce.


3. Homemade, Instant, Organic Banana Pudding

An, an easy tasty, do-it-yourself healthy dessert made from all-natural ingredients found at the health food store.


4. Natural Varieties 

By only natural varieties and avoid those with added sugars and artificial food coloring.


5. Apples

According to nutrition experts, apples have few calories and equally few amounts of carbs. But, they taste great and fill you up before you begin to overheat, making them one of the smartest sweet treats you can eat.






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