5 Reasons to Love Vitamins3

1. Quality Vitamins at a Low Price

With the same or perhaps better quality of supplement contents, the average price of other providers is up to $80. But you only need to pay $50 if you buy vitamins from us. In other words, we provide quality vitamins at a lower price. 

2. Personalized Vitamins Just for You

We are different from other ordinary vitamin providers in that we realize that you are unique and everyone has different needs. That is why we provide personalized daily packs made just for you. Data about your lifestyle, needs, and wants will be gathered through the survey. Each data set will be then processed and analyzed using deep learning system, and it will come up with the best customization of the vitamin packs for another month.


3. Delivered Right to Your Door

Once you sign up, we will deliver month’s supply of daily vitamin packs to your house every month. No need to go to pharmacies or stores to buy vitamins. No need to hesitate which vitamins to buy at the store. Save your time with Vitamins3.


4. Convenient and Portable

With Vitamins3, you don’t have to open and close the pill containers every time you take vitamins. For example, if you have been taking 5 types of vitamins every day. In the past, you might have needed to open and close 5 different pill containers every time you wanted to take them. This hassle for customers will never fly with Vitamins3. Our vitamins are pre-organized and packaged so that it makes easier for you to take them.

Also, let’s say you are traveling around the world or going on a trip for few days, and you want to take vitamins while you are away. You don’t have to bring pill containers with you. Instead, you can just bring our few packs of vitamins with you.


5. Start for Half and Help Raise Money for Charity

We don’t want you to pay for vitamins that you don’t like. With your first shipment, you’ll receive 30 packs of our vitamins for Half Price. If you don’t like our service, cancel at any time. However, if you do like our service and vitamins, let’s fly together for a healthier life.  

Our motto is to create a better tomorrow with vitamins. When you order vitamin packs from us after your first trial, a portion of the profits will be donated to our partnered charities.


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