5 Surprising Health Benefits of Biotin

Wrinkles, cracked nails, and grey hairs. As we age, our bodies change. Even though these are natural changes to all mortals, people try to reverse the arrow of time and live their remaining years young. They desperately purchase all kinds of beauty treatments and medicines to fulfill their purpose. However, obviously they tend to fail. Merely buying beauty related items will have no effects when the basic conditions are not equipped and one of the conditions is having sufficient amount of biotin.


1. Essential for healthy skin, hair, and nail

Biotin, another name for vitamin H or B7 is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nail. Biotin has anti-aging properties which heal and moisturize the skin. This prevents skin problems including wrinkles and acnes. Biotin improves condition of hair as well. A lot of beauticians recommend people to take biotin for enriching weak and thin hair. Moreover, taking 2.5 milligrams (mg) of the vitamins per day strengthens nails.


2. Prevents grey hair and premature baldness

Sufficient amount of the nutrient deters hair loss and graying. When our body is deficient in biotin, hairs age in a faster pace. According to the “Nutrition Almanac”, most of the hair health supplements contain biotin for restoring hair color.


3. Improves skin condition for eczema or dermatitis

Biotin cures eczema or dermatitis. There was an experiment tested relations of biotin and skin problems. Healthy adults consumed white rice, flour products, sugars and raw egg whites. After three weeks, the volunteers had eczematous dermatitis. However, these diseases were cured with biotin supplements in five days.


4. Increases fat metabolism

Taking biotin supplements contributes to your weight loss. Biotin processes nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein - a part of metabolism. This helps your body’s metabolism lead to the rapid weight loss. Especially for overweight people, biotin diet can be an effective way of maintaining good health.


5. Relieves muscle cramps.

The last benefit of the vitamin is not relevant to rejuvenation, but is important to your health. Muscle cramps happen due to insufficient amount of biotin in your body. It usually occurs when nerve does not function properly or blood does not circulate well. To stop muscle cramps, it is recommended to take biotin supplements. 


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