5 Ways To Quit Smoking Cigarette

Nicotine is the most harmful and widely used legal drug in the world. Nicotine is addictive and harmful to both smokers and those exposed to passive exposure of cigarette smoke. When nicotine withdrawal occurs, symptoms of anxiety and irritation appear, in avoiding this withdrawal and in feeling pleasure, smokers frequently engage in this deadly and debilitating addiction. If you want to quit smoking, but you don't know where to start, you must make a systematic plan in order to make success of quitting more likely. 


1) Write a list of the reasons you need to quit smoking cigarettes

Make a detailed list of all the reasons why you want to quit. Some of the reasons may include such things as: you don’t want to die from lung cancer, as well as smoking causes bad breath and you’d like to have fresher breath. Writing down such reasons will help strengthen your decision to quit smoking and help you quit smoking. Especially when you are desperate for a cigarette, you can refer to your list and reading this list may be enough to stop you from smoking. 


2) To relieve stress in a way other than smoking cigarettes

The less stress you have, the better the chances of quitting smoking. It is better to relieve stress through various hobbies such as sports and travel, not by smoking. If you don't have existing hobbies, you may consider starting some, exercising alone may be enough to relieve your stress. 


3) Using the Assistant

A study has found that using electronic cigarettes while smoking helps reduce smoking or quit smoking altogether. It is also useful to use nicotine filters. However, when using electronic cigarettes you need to be extra careful because they do not have a fixed amount of nicotine, moreover, e-cigarettes are relatively new and thus long term studies on their risks to health have not been fully undergone. 


4) Get help from experts and therapists

It is recommended that you seek help from doctors and experts since the combination of medication and behavioral therapy can increase the chances of successfully quitting smoking. A therapist can also be used in the initial stages while the patient still smokes. Cognitive behavior therapists help change the way people think about smoking, and can give the patient tools of prevention by teaching them how to deal with it as well as reconfiguring the minds relationship with cigarettes. 


Cigarette smoke is the number 1 cause of most cases of lung cancer and a number of other disease as well. Moreover, smoking harms almost every internal organ and organ system in the body and diminishes a person’s overall health. Therefore, making a detailed plan to quit smoking cigarettes is highly encouraged for all smokers. 

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