Dark Side of Coffee: Preventer of Vitamins and Minerals Absorption

Taking vitamins and minerals is essential for one’s growth and development. Any substance that would prevent such absorption process has potential to cause nutritional deficiencies, which can be fatal to your body.

Many people enjoy drinking green tea, black tea, and coffee which contains caffeine. Cup of coffee in the morning became a ritual for everyday people. However, did you know that the caffeine can disrupt the absorption of vitamin D, calcium, and iron?

Vitamin D and iron cannot be absorbed into our organs efficiently if you consume them within two hours of drinking coffee. Caffeine blocks vitamin D receptor secreted from intestine tenue. Iron tends to combine with caffeine, so if you consume iron and caffeine together, they are mixed together before they are digested. If they adhere to each other, they are excreted through urine and are therefore eliminated from your body instead of being effectively absorbed into your organs. In fact, caffeine drops absorption rate to 80%.

It takes approximately two hours for caffeine to be eliminated from our body through urine. Therefore, after consuming caffeine, it is important to wait two hours and then take vitamin supplements.

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