Reasons You Overeat And 3 Ways to Stop Overeating

Humans gain energy from food that they eat. The energy that’s left over is stored in fat tissues and used when needed. When the remaining energy accumulates in your body, it can cause various diseases.

In addition, overeating produces active oxygen in your body and promotes aging. The food you eat uses oxygen to do energy metabolism, which is the process of generating energy from nutrients. Such process leaves the active oxygen in your body. This active oxygen not only promotes aging, but it also attacks the organs of your body, making your organs old.

Overeating can also affect blood vessels. When fat accumulates in your body, it can cause hyperlipidemia, a condition in which there are high levels of fat particles in the blood. These substances can accumulate in blood vessel walls and restrict blood flow. Once blood flow is restricted, it can cause heart diseases.

When you continue to overeat, it can lead to various diseases in the digestive system, which contains stomach and intestines as well.


Reasons You Overeat

1. Type of Food You Eat

You should consider the type of food that you eat. Foods high in sugar, such as soft drink, bread, and noodle, are high in calories, but they quickly make you feel hungry again. Because you are hungry again, you may seek foods that are high in sugar again, and this cycle continues, which is extremely unhealthy.


2. Stress

When you are under too much stress, your body quickly uses up energy. When your body needs more energy, then it makes you seek food that is high in sugar because such food helps you make energy rapidly.


Ways to Prevent Overeating

1. Eat Carbohydrates Rather Than Foods High in Sugar

To prevent yourself from overeating, it is better to eat carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat regularly rather than foods that are high in sugar like noodles and bread, which rapidly raise blood sugar.


2. Eat Vegetables

Also, eating vegetables that are rich in fiber or mineral before you eat carbohydrates is highly encouraged. Vegetables are not as high in sugar as foods like noodles or bread. But vegetables can still make you feel full and it even makes you feel full longer. Therefore, eating vegetable can reduce the amount of sugar you consume.


3. Stress Management

Stress management is also needed to prevent overeating. To relieve stress, it is helpful to go out in the sun often, take a deep breath, and listen to music. If you usually stay indoors too long and do not have enough time to do activities that can help you relieve stress, taking magnesium and turmeric supplements is highly recommended.

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