Treat the Diabetes with Fiber

Most people are aware that consuming high-fiber containing foods will greatly improve the condition of constipation. However, most are not aware that the fiber is a great help to treat diabetes, a common disease in modern world. In this article, readers will be able to find more about the relationship between fiber and diabetes.

Diabetes and Fiber

Diabetes is a condition in which insulin is not enough or not functioning properly in the one’s body. Fiber is a great help for prevention of the heart disease. For instance, fiber slows down the process of carbohydrates breakdown and help regulate blood sugar.


Why is fiber helpful?

In the latest article from the Science, an international science journal, research results have been released which explained the reason for why fiber improves the chance of preventing and managing diseases including diabetes Experiment consisted of two groups with diabetes (type 2). Patients from control group were asked to eat a diet consisting of the amount of energy and nutrients researchers prescribed for them. People from experimental group were asked to consume fiber on top of the prescribed meal plan. Twelve weeks later, experimental group showed increase of beneficial bacteria within their intestines compared to the regular diabetic food group. For instance, there were now 15 more types of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. The research team explained that the intestines were turned into a hydrocyanic substance: reducing the harmful bacteria, increasing insulin production, and improving blood sugar control.


What are the high-fiber foods?

Here are the high-fiber foods: almonds, black beans, pear, broccoli. Consuming foods that are high in fiber is highly recommended.


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