Vitamin B6, Remember your Dreams

Can you remember what you dreamt last night? Not everyone would answer with a confidence “Yes.” However, what if I tell you that there’s a way to improve memory of your dreams?

Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia revealed that consuming Vitamin B6 increases the chance of remembering dreams. Their study was conducted with 100 participants who either took high-capacity Vitamin B6 supplements or placebo for five days. While participants in a control groups had no visible differences in remembering their dreams before and after the experiment, participants who did take Vitamin B6 showed increases in remembering their dreams more detailed and vividly.  

For the next time, why not consume more Vitamin B6 to try and remember that you have been dreaming about?

You can get Vitamin B6 from...

  1. Chicken and turkey breasts
  2. Sunflower seeds
  3. Fruits like avocado and banana
  4. Vegetables like spinach and potato
  5. Vitamins3   


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